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DDF Thanksgiving Dinner

This year, on Nov 20, 2021, we will be hosting our 3rd and 4th annual DDF Thanksgiving Dinner. Last year we were not able to host one because of covid-19 restrictions. This year, we're going bigger and better. We will have adult and youth performances, have the chance to win DDF merch, and food prepared DDF Catering. We will need your love and support to have a successful dinner. This year's 3rd and 4th DDF Thanksgiving Dinner will be like no other.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving Dinner

DDF ThanksGiving Dinner was our first-ever event. On Nov 17, 2017, was our first ever thanksgiving dinner. It started with an idea to give the youth a chance to speak up and speak out. This dinner soon became our movement. We saw our youth showcase different skills about themselves they never had the opportunity to use before. To public speaking, Cooking, Event Planning, money management, and so much more. DDF wants every youth to have an equal chance for success. We want to show them there is more than what your community may show. Our youth is a unique group of people and can achieve high goals if we allow them. DDF ThanksGiving Dinner's primary purpose is to showcase our young people's talents. To show to their families, this is me. So I hope this goes on every year to come and let our youth grow and become something unique. They can change our future now. Thank you.

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